Architectural Cool Luxe

Architectural Cool Luxe



Available in Cool and Warm Luxe, Clive Christian interiors encompass bespoke panelling, fitted and freestanding furniture collections and every accompaniment and embellishment from wallpaper and fabrics to crystal chandeliers and lighting to achieve a gracious connectivity throughout the home.

At the core of the company lies an experienced team of designers who have worked directly under the guidance of Clive Christian OBE for over 25 years and possess an unparalleled understanding of the scale and proportion found in luxury residences.

Clive Christian interiors can be commissioned via the London and New York Flagship showrooms and our exclusive network of international Clive Christian dealerships to address a suite of rooms or in the creation of an entire “Clive Home”.

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'No 1 IMPERIAL JUBILEE' Perfume for Women & Men

Clive Christian Special Edition Perfume
'No 1 Imperial Jubilee'


In celebration Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's 60th anniversary as Queen, Clive Christian Perfume presents a special edition of No 1 The World Most Expensive Perfume - No 1 Imperial Jubilee.

Just 500 bottles will be created, 250 pieces for Women and 250 pieces for Men, each containing a highly concentrated edition of No 1 Perfume in tribute to this historic occasion.

Taking its cue from the now priceless No 1 Imperial Majesty bottle this special edition is presented in a red velvet lined case and bears the red ribbon of the official O.B.E Medal that the Queen will present to Clive Christian in this her Diamond Jubilee year.

Special Edition No 1 Imperial Jubilee spray bottle
Other perfumes available;
Clive Christian No 1, 1872, X, C Available for Women and Men.
50ml Perfume Spray
30ml Pure Perfume in Crystal Bottle

 No 1 Perfume

The Worlds Most Expensive Perfume.
Created without reference to cost to contain
the most rare and precious natural ingredients.

No.1 for Women -
Serene and sophisticated with Indian jasmine,
Tahitian Vanilla and rosa centafolia
associated with Aphrodite,
Goddess of art, love, beauty and creativity.

No.1 for Men -
Understated yet distinctive,
ancient Indian Sandalwood and
Arabian Jasmine Sambac impart the
scent of an accomplished, uncompromising character

1872 Perfume

Traditional perfumes named as a
tribute to the year Queen Victoria granted
her crown to the House.

1872 for Women -
170 roses are required to create a single drop of the precious Rose de Mai associated with purity and the presence of an angel.

1872 for Men -
Classic petit grain, mandarin and lavender combine with the Roman Empire's sacred herb Clary Sage to bestow energy and invigoration

X Perfume

Unconventional, exotic and harnessing
the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs
known to mankind.

X for Women -
Notoriously rare Egyptian Jasmine
is gathered from the banks of the Nile
at dusk and was used by Cleopatra to
capture Mark Anthony's heart.

X for Men -
The commanding character of X can be
attributed to Orris, root of
the Iris flower, prized in
ancient times for its power and majesty.

C Perfume

Released from the Private Collection of Clive Christian,
two personal favorites for his loyal
clients and perfume aficionados around the world.

C for Women -
The House accord of rose and jasmine in union with
violet and voluptuous tuberose,
C is brimming with dangerous pleasure.

C for Men -
A deep oriental exuding leather and precious woods
echoing the hallmark spices of the
House to reveal a dominant
spirit and seductive strength.

Only Available in 50ml Spray bottle

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