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Clive Christian Nottingham situated in the midlands now been established for nearly 25 years. Providing furniture for luxury homes.
We Provide a Free service of a Measure, Design and Plans. House Designs of Alpha, Victorian, Edwardian, Regency and Architectural.
Please visit our stunning showroom with up to 7 stunning displays including Kitchens, Bedroom, Bathroom, Dressing room & Yew Panelled room.

Half price sale selling ex-display!
Yew Panelled room with fireplace and two niche barrell backs
Painted Bedroom Furniture with bedside tables and wardrobes
Painted Bathroom with vanity and bath in bath surround
all half price call 0115 939 9197 to enquire

Address: 213 Derby Road, Bramcote, Nottingham, NG9 3JA.

Open Times; Tues-Fri: 10:00am - 4:30pm  Sat: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Closed Sunday and Mondays

Contact us by Tel: 0115 9399197 or Email



Available in Cool and Warm Luxe, Clive Christian interiors encompass bespoke panelling, fitted and freestanding furniture collections and every accompaniment and embellishment from wallpaper and fabrics to crystal chandeliers and lighting to achieve a gracious connectivity throughout the home.

At the core of the company lies an experienced team of designers who have worked directly under the guidance of Clive Christian OBE for over 25 years and possess an unparalleled understanding of the scale and proportion found in luxury residences.

Clive Christian interiors can be commissioned via the London and New York Flagship showrooms and our exclusive network of international Clive Christian dealerships to address a suite of rooms or in the creation of an entire “Clive Home”.

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Clive Christian Miscellaneous


This picture of a Victorian Honey Oak Study showing off the lattice doors to the left.
Clive Christian use other then Victorian, Architectural  Edwardian and Alpha other doors that you may would like to add to you design for kitchen, laundry room, living room etc;
Vented, Lattice, Bullioned, glass, mirrored and Tiffany glass for dressers and tall robes.

Interior Doors:
Clive Christian doors with single or double doors option.
Door options are; two, three, four, six panelled doors, full Georgian glazed door, half glazed door and bullioned door.
Maximum width for single door is 1000mm and the maximum width for the double door option is 2000mm.

Radiator Covers:
Radiator covers panel detail options are; brass grille, silver grille, brass lattice and silver lattice panel detail.
Also choice of Refreshment Dresser with drawers and glass shelves
or Entertainment Dresser with no drawers and adjustable shelves.

Inserts for Base, Tall and Pilasters Cabinetry:

Insert extras for base and tall cabinetry, the insert extras that you can add to your room are;  leather linen for drawer box, black flock lined cutlery insert, cutlery inserts, jewelry tray insert, shoe shelf, pullout tie/belt shelf, spice rack, magic corner, corner swing storage, chrome pullouts, waste bin, wicker baskets, laundry basket, and many more.

Clive Christian Hangers:
There are two options Suit Hangers and Dress Hangers. Both with the Clive Christian Coat of Arms design and the Clive Christian signature.

Clive Christian Plaques;
These Clive Christian plaque can be used to add to various Clive Christian Furniture including Over-mantle  Four Poster Bed, Panelling etc.
The option of plaque are the Clive Christian Coat of Arms, Lions Head on a oval plaque and the Lions head alone. They can be in a variety of woods to match your furniture, painted, gold-leafed or silver-leafed.
Sizes for;
coat of arms is 375mm wide, 330mm high.
lion head on oval plaque is 195mm wide, 260mm high.
lion head is 140mm wide, 190mm high.

Above images; Left is the Regency Pelmet and to the right is the Victorian Pelmet.

Theres is a Regency, Edwardian, Victorian pediment to match the kitchen furniture finish.
Also there are pediments for door surrounds in three style, with the option of plain or feature veneer expect for one with the empire flame that only come with a small feature veneer design.
The maximum length for these pediments  are 2946mm.

Niche Cabinets:
Niche barreled back cabinet

Clive Christian niche cabinets are;
niche cabinet with barreled back, option to have drawers and feature veneer applied to interior as standard.
niche cabinet with flat back, option to have glazed doors and without door has feature veneer to interior only.

Dressers Glass Cabinetry:
Edwardian Glass Dresser

Clive Christian  Glass dresser come in four style, which are Tiffany glass, Regency glass, Victorian glass and Edwardian glass dressers.

Tiffany Glass

Regency Glass



Regency Painted Kitchen

Victorian Glass

Clive Christian Signature Badge:
The Clive Christian signature badge is an optional extra, which is gold plated and can be put on the face of your Clive Christian cabinetry.

Door Panel Options:
The options for door panels are; Burr veneer panel, CC Crest/Empire Flame marquetry inlay panel, Empire Flame Cross-banded panel and CC Crest Lattice marquetry inlay panel ( CC Crest Lattice marquetry inlay panel are only available with 600mm wide cabinetry.)
Custom veneer work available.
Yew veneer does not have burr option.

Each application of veneer is subject to an additional charge per item.

Veneer panels are available for most flat panel doors, panels and Edwardian pilasters. Marquetry inlay and cross-banding is only available on flat panel doors and panels.

Request a Brochure or would like to inquire for further information, please do not hesitate to contact the office below. 

213 Derby road, Bramcote, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG9 3JA.