Architectural Cool Luxe

Architectural Cool Luxe



Available in Cool and Warm Luxe, Clive Christian interiors encompass bespoke panelling, fitted and freestanding furniture collections and every accompaniment and embellishment from wallpaper and fabrics to crystal chandeliers and lighting to achieve a gracious connectivity throughout the home.

At the core of the company lies an experienced team of designers who have worked directly under the guidance of Clive Christian OBE for over 25 years and possess an unparalleled understanding of the scale and proportion found in luxury residences.

Clive Christian interiors can be commissioned via the London and New York Flagship showrooms and our exclusive network of international Clive Christian dealerships to address a suite of rooms or in the creation of an entire “Clive Home”.

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Clive Christian Rugs Hand Made.

Clive Christian Rugs

clive christian roubini rugs

Clive Christian created unique artwork which in turn Sam Roubini translated and produced in the finest wool and silk.
The Portrait No. 1 Rug, shows a cherub holding a garland leaning on an architectural ledge. The image was taken from the Toile de Jouey fabrics used within Clive Christian rooms.


The No.1 'Diamond' Rug was inspired by the image of the brilliant cut diamond  as a symbol of the rarity of the ingredients within. In this rug, sharp angled hues of gold, green brown and black depict the facets and intensity of a diamond.


The 1872 'Rose de Mai' Rug celebrates the rare bloom use in Clive Christian's perfume 1872. The rug is filled with soft pinks and peach tones strewn over a black background.

The X 'Egyptian Jasmine' Rug represents the jasmine chosen by Cleopatra for her journey to meet Anthony, dousing her ships sails in heady aphrodisiac aroma. The intensity of the white, purple and lavender hues on a black background reflects the potency of Christian's perfume X.

Please note;
The Clive X, No.1 and 1872 rugs are available in size 12' x 12' ft. The Clive Portrait No. 1 rug is available in size 9' x 12' ft.

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